5SRAP-5Step Risk Assessment ATS-Automated Target System ASPR-Annual Security Profile Review CBP-Customs & Border Protection CTPAT – Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism FCL-Full Container FPFO-Fines, Penalties and Forfeiture Officer FSCBP-Foreign Supply Chain Business Partner IOR-Importer of Record Number ISA-Importer Self-Assessment Program LCL-Less than full container MID-Manufacturer Identification Code MR-Mutual Recognition NJA-Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc. POC-Point of […]

CTPAT 15 Years Later

It has been 15 years since the CTPAT program was launched. Where is the CTPAT program today? 1) PRESSURE TO JOIN-There is greater pressure for the supplier to join the CTPAT program, as a pre-condition for doing business, by many CTPAT companies, some of which are importers and/or exporters, and especially the big retailers. No […]

How to Join CTPAT

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism On September 11, 2001, our country’s security awareness was heightened as a result of the terrorist attacks. The United States and other countries initiated new security measures designed to reduce the potential for terrorism. These new security measures impact every business involved in international trade along with every portion of […]

Investigation Services

Interviewing & Investigation As an employer, you need a solid basis for taking action and defending yourself against claims of inaction and unfair treatment.  The objective of a workplace investigation is to procure reliable facts so you can make an informed decision. We investigate misconduct such as theft, fraud, time abuse, alcohol / illegal substance […]