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Promote Your C-TPAT Status

Educate Your Customers and Supply Chain Business Partners

When a C-TPAT applicant receives their certified status (Tier 1) in the C-TPAT program, they are eligible to proudly display the C-TPAT banner for their present and potential customers as well as for their supply chain business partners.

C-TPAT requires C-TPAT members, regardless of their tier level, to educate, corroborate and encourage members of the trade community to further the supply chain security levels of C-TPAT.

Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc. (NJA) has created a resource banner that can be easily placed on your website. By clicking on the C-TPAT banner, the viewer will be directed to NJA’s C-TPAT Resource Center. They will learn about the C-TPAT program as well as become knowledgeable of the minimum security requirements that are required in order to be one of your supply chain business partners.

NJA will assist you in placing the banner on your website. NJA will also assist companies that need to update their website.

If you have not yet created a website, NJA will assist you in creating an attractive site that not only explains your company but also promotes your C-TPAT status.

Website Consulting Services

NJA’s website consulting services include:

  • C-TPAT Banners
  • Website Updates
  • Website Design
  • Programming
  • Writing & Editing

Please contact NJA about our website consulting services.