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  1. 5SRAP-5Step Risk Assessment
  2. ATS-Automated Target System
  3. ASPR-Annual Security Profile Review
  4. CBP-Customs & Border Protection
  5. CTPAT – Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  6. FCL-Full Container
  7. FPFO-Fines, Penalties and Forfeiture Officer
  8. FSCBP-Foreign Supply Chain Business Partner
  9. IOR-Importer of Record Number
  10. ISA-Importer Self-Assessment Program
  11. LCL-Less than full container
  12. MID-Manufacturer Identification Code
  13. MR-Mutual Recognition
  14. NJA-Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc.
  15. POC-Point of Contact
  16. SCSRA-Supply Chain Security Risk Assessment
  17. SCSS-Supply Chain Security Specialist
  18. SCBP-Supply Chain Business Partner
  19. SSC-Secure Supply Chain
  20. TPS-Third Party Service