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CTPAT Background Checks

Supply Chain Security Specialists (SCSS’s) have been asking the following Human Resources related questions during the CTPAT validation phase:

  1. Do you have an employment application and a written release & consent form completed by the applicant?
  2. Have you hired anyone since you started the CTPAT process?
  3. Have you conducted a through background check, which includes the verification of previous employment, and the verification of education (if applicable) to validate the candidate’s time line?
  4. Have you conducted a criminal history check?
  5. Have you verified the social-security number of each newly-hired employee?

The SCSS will not only ask to see the supporting documentation for the aforementioned issues, but may ask to see the raw data received from the courthouse.

According to U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), all CTPAT employers must verify each new employment candidate’s background. In addition, employers must conduct criminal checks for new employees as well as present employees (a few each year) and verify the candidate’s social-security number. All new and present employees must complete the I-9 form and provide required documentation (Immigration Verification Employment eligibility provisions required by law). During the validation phase CBP is verifying that the CTPAT member is conducting thorough background checks and has the corresponding paperwork on file.

Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc. (“NJA”) provides an employment verification service. A SCSS recently told one of our clients, “By having employment verifications done professionally, it shows that you’re taking the (CTPAT) program seriously.” NJA will investigate and verify the following required information:

  1. Employment Verification including duties and responsibilities
  2. Education including advanced and specialty degrees
  3. Salary – if available: base plus extras; such as commission, bonus, allowances, etc.
  4. Social Security Number
  5. Criminal background check for the county(s) where the applicant presently and previously resided.

Since many employers offer an applicant a salary package based on their education, degrees and prior salary, verification of these items can prevent you from overpaying your candidates.

We will also train your staff on the appropriate questions to ask when conducting an interview, as well as how to evaluate the information listed on the resume and application. In order to conduct a background check, we will need a copy of the applicant’s following documents:

  1. Application
  2. Resume
  3. General Release and Consent Form – Completed by new and present employees.

Please compare dates between the application and the resume. If the dates are not the same, ask why. At minimum, make sure that all dates are listed as month and year, not just the year.

Please contact NJA so that we can assist you with this important and necessary process in order to:

a) Review your hiring process and
b) Consolidate the hiring process when you have multiple locations.