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CTPAT Resource Center

The resource center enables one to view our website as both a CTPAT resource and as an educational tool. Some of the information in this website comes from Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc.’s (NJA’s) experience with U.S. Customs via the supply chain security specialists (who are located throughout the U.S.) during all phases of the CTPAT program.

The website is categorized into five groups to assist the viewer in navigating to the specific area that applies to their particular CTPAT status.

The five categories are as follows:

  1. Joining the CTPAT program – It is meant for the company that wants to or is considering joining the program and needs to determine if the program applies to them. In addition, this section also addresses the requirements of a company that will be working with a CTPAT member.
  2. Validation – The CTPAT member needs to prepare for the validation phase and/or respond to the validation report. The security profile needs to be updated along with revising and creating written procedures.
  3. Revalidation – The CTPAT member was previously validated or revalidated within the last three years. Their written procedures may be outdated or non existent and their security profile needs to be updated.
  4. Supply Chain Business Partner (SCBP) – The SCBP must meet the minimum security requirements in order to do business with a present or prospective CTPAT member. How does being CTPAT compliant benefit the SCBP?
  5. Promote Your CTPAT Status – How does a CTPAT member promote their CTPAT status to present and potential customers and at the same time educate their customers and SCBP which is a requirement of the CTPAT program.

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