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Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc. “NJAI” provides consulting services for all phases of the CTPAT process, including but not limited to certification, domestic and foreign site visits, validation, “NJAI Online CTPAT Training,” five-step risk assessment and re-validation, NJAI has provided these services to a variety of clients ranging from privately to publically held companies of all sizes. Our clients include importers, exporters, third party warehouses, customs brokerage firms, freight forwarders, steam ship lines, airlines, 3PL, ports, consolidation facilities, NVOCCs, trucking companies, etc. Our clients are engaged in a wide variety of fields including garment, fabric, food, flavor and fragrance, automotive, heavy equipment, home furnishings, hosiery, house wears, pet supplies, retail, chemicals, telecommunications and computer equipment, oil and gas, and building supplies, etc.

Food Safety Consultants

FOOD SAFETY = FSVP Program + 3iVerify (Cloud Based Software System) to manage Foreign & Domestic Food

The Food Safety Modernization Act (“FSMA”) of 2011 was created to provide tools to PREVENT food safety problems BEFORE they occur, rather than trying to identify and REACT to food safety hazards that have already occurred and addresses the safety of humans (and animal foods) from FARM to FORK.

The Foreign Supplier Verification Program, or FSVP, is one part (rule) of FSMA.

FSMA deals with the requirements surrounding food safety of IMPORTED GOODS intended for human consumption in the US.

In addition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has started the Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (VQIP). VQIP is a voluntary fee-based program that provides expedited review and import entry of human and animal foods into the United States for participating importers. Both consumers and importers will benefit from this program.

FSMA and FSVP is the law. Violation can result in stopping your shipments plus other fines. Determine if you are subject to the FSVP laws or exempt Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc. employs Qualified Individuals (QI) who can assist your company with all aspects of this program.

NJAI is a fourth generation family business and has been operating for over 75 years domestically and internationally. NJAI has always been in the field of security. CTPAT is a security based program dedicated to protecting companies’ supply chain by working with them to be compliant with the minimum security requirements. We have been present at validations all over the globe with the supply chain security specialists from the six CTPAT field offices in NJ, JFK (NY), Buffalo (NY), Miami (FL), Houston (TX) and Los Angeles (CA).

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2020 Minimum Security Requirements (Updated 3/2020)

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What Makes Us Unique?

We pride ourselves in our ability and dedication to travel all across The United States and the world to be present with you and your foreign suppliers at your CTPAT Validation. Below you will see all the countries we have been to for CTPAT Validations including India, China, Hong Kong and Israel which we visit frequently.


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