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CTPAT Suspension and Removal

Suspension and  Removal

A CTPAT SUSPENSION can eventually result in a Reinstatement or a Removal from the CTPAT Program. A suspension is a temporary loss of a Partner’s program benefits. A CTPAT member may be SUSPENDED from the program if:

  1. Failure to adhere to the CTPAT Partner Agreement
  2. Failure to meet the minimum security criteria
  3. Failure to meet eligibility requirements, including vetting and /or security breach in a Partners supply chain

You have 90 days from the date of the suspension letter to respond to the recommendations and action items. If you do not respond, or if your responses do not meet the minimum CTPAT requirements, the CTPAT member can be withdrawn from the program. Once withdrawn, the CPAT member cannot reapply for one year.

The most common reasons for a CTPAT SUSPENSION are:

  • when a CTPAT member or their Supply Chain Partner does poorly during a Validation (site visit)
  • the CTPAT member does not conduct their Annual Review/Portal 2.0 update
  • the member fails to respond to rejections on either in a timely fashion

If you receive an e-mail from your Security Specialist which states any of the following, please contact Norman Jaspan Associates, so we can help you stay in the CTPAT program.

  • CTPAT member’s security profile submission is blank. Current, accurate and verifiable responses must be input into the CTPAT portal within 14 calendar days from the date of this email. This is a strict 14 day dead line and headquarters will suspend/remove CTPAT member from the CTPAT program, upon your failure to comply.  Our program should not be a mystery.
  • Please Update CTPAT member’s CTPAT Security Profile to avoid issues with the company’s CTPAT status.
  • Please be advised that the annual CTPAT Security Profile and Company Profile review is coming due or is overdue. If your account is overdue, your CTPAT account is in jeopardy of being suspended/removed from the CTPAT program.
  • If you no longer have a need to continue with the CTPAT program, please send an email requesting to voluntarily withdraw from the program. Include your CTPAT account name, number and reason. Your annual security profile if overdue.  As you know, this is a mandatory part of your CTPAT membership.
  • Members are required to log in on a monthly basis to avoid expiration of passwords.   CTPAT members are required on a yearly basis to upload their “Yearly Risk Assessments” and “Internal Security Audits” of their facility. Company documents and procedures also need to be up to date.
  • Please note, that an audit of your CTPAT account reveals your company Security Profile –Annual Review is coming up. It’s a CTPAT program requirement that all members recertify their company and security profiles on a yearly basis.
  • Please complete your annual security profile review. Failure to do so may result in suspension or removal from the program.
  • All companies receiving this email are within 90 days of their Anniversary Date, which is when your Security Profile must be submitted.  This is an annual requirement.


If you have been SUSPENDED, please contact Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc. so we can assist you in becoming reinstated on a timely basis before it is too late, so you can regain your benefits and avoid being removed from the CTPAT program.

If you have been REMOVED, please contact us so we can determine how to minimize the time of your removal from the CTPAT program.