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CTPAT Movement of Cargo

Dear Import Supply-Chain Business Partner:

Our company is participating in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program.  CTPAT is a voluntary, joint government-business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen the overall supply chain and border security.  Every company that is involved in manufacturing, logistics, distribution or supply chain management will be impacted by ongoing efforts to create a more secure global trading system.  Traditionally, the approach to cargo security was focused on keeping in the box the goods that were supposed to be in the box.  Now, the focus is to insure that things that are not supposed to be in the box are actually kept out of the box.  Importers are now expected to be able to demonstrate that all aspects of this process are under control throughout the supply chain.

As CTPAT participants, our company must assess, improve, and communicate more comprehensive safety procedures for cargo security.  US Customs & Border Protection (“CBP”) requires a complete self-assessment that encompasses procedural security, physical security, personnel security, education and awareness training, access control, manifest and conveyance security issues.  As part of the process, CBP requires that we make our business supply chain partners knowledgeable of the benefits and requirements of the CTPAT program.

For additional information about the CTPAT program, see CTPAT Portal Link: . On this site, please view section entitled “Quick Links and Resources for Partners”. If you are interested in joining the CTPAT program or any phase of the CTPAT program, please contact our consulting firm (Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc.) at / or e-mail Ronald Jaspan at

Listed below, are documents/articles that are available for review. Please contact Ronald Jaspan at or 516-239-4611 to obtain a copy.

  1. The Benefits of Joining the CTPAT Program.
  2. The High Security Seal Letter along with the Picture of the 8 Point Inspection-To be completed by the stuffing facility that is shipping the cargo by container.
  3. Receiving Awareness – To be used by the company that is opening the container in the U.S.A.
  4. Container Receipt & Unloading- To be used by the company that is opening the container in the U.S.A.
  5. Security Criteria for Consolidators.
  6. Security Criteria for Foreign Manufacturers.
  7. Activity Log of Transportation
  8. Three articles that were written by Ronald Jaspan that appeared in the Journal of Commerce about different phases of the CTPAT program.
  9. Minimum Security Criteria